GP Excellence in East Cheshire

GP Surgeries in East Cheshire are among some of the best in the UK. 

They already deliver great care despite being poorly funded.

High Quality Care

  • All General Practices in East Cheshire are rated Good or outstanding by CQC.
  • Preventing premature mortality (under 75) 40% better than England average.
    • We are better at keeping people under 75 alive for longer.
  • Dementia diagnosis rates– well above the national average.

Efficient use of NHS Funds

  • Low referral rates– so many problems managed in General Practice and not sent to hospital needlessly. The graph below compares the referral rates to hospital by Eastern Cheshire CCG group of GP surgeries with its peers and geographic neighbours.
taken from official public domain data
Referral Rates Cheshire & Merseyside
  • Despite being low referrers historically,  GPs in East Cheshire  continue to reduce referrals. East Cheshire GPs have achieved this by managing more conditions in the community which has required extra training, extra clinics, extra staff WITHOUT ANY EXTRA FUNDING.
Table showing East Cheshire Practices outperforming its neighbours in reducing the need for hospital care
  • All referrals DOWN by 5.2%
Outpatient activity with East Cheshire practices shown in dark blue
  • Low Elective (non-emergency) admissions. (DOWN by 4.2%)
Low burden placed on hospitals by East Cheshire patients
Elective activity Cheshire and Merseyside
  • Low Emergency Admission Rates
  • A&E attendances DOWN by 0.1% – unlike the majority of the country
  • East Cheshire practices outperform other regions in reducing the number of emergency admissions into hospital. Non elective admissions are again DOWN by 3.7%.
Emergency Admission activity with East Cheshire GP Surgeries shown in blue
Emergency Admission Rates Cheshire & Merseyside

Other examples of East Cheshire GP Surgery Excellence

  • 30% reduction in diabetes admissions
  • Safe, efficient and responsible prescribing of medication
  • Prescribing savings £3.6 million last year
  • Plans following consultation with the public to try to improve self-care further
  • 20% reduction in antibiotic prescribing in 2 years
  • …and the good work continues despite the threat of permanently destructive cuts…

Government schemes to reduce inefficiencies just won’t work in this area. GPs in East Cheshire are ALREADY Good and Efficient. Austerity and cuts mean services are now at breaking point. Extra funding is needed NOW to stop health services in your area from imploding.